Your Assisted Living Checklist: Questions to Ask Before You Move Your Loved One in

//Your Assisted Living Checklist: Questions to Ask Before You Move Your Loved One in

With over 1 million aging adults living in assisted living facilities, it’s quickly becoming a popular choice for extra care. But that doesn’t make the stress of finding the perfect home for your loved one any easier.

You want to ensure they are happy, healthy, and treated with care. So when it’s time to narrow down what facility fits that bill, you need to have a checklist on hand to help make your decision a no-brainer.

Let’s look at several questions you need to ask to check off that assisted living checklist.

Is Your Staff Vetted and Fully Trained?

A big assisted living checklist item is knowing the facility has the best staff possible. You want to leave your loved one in the hands of experienced, caring professionals.

Does each of the staff members receive a background check? What degrees, licenses, and education requirements are there? Does the staff receive ongoing education?

And you’ll want to know what the policy is on elder abuse. Find out how it’s spotted, reported, and how it’s handled.

What’s Your Staff to Resident Ratio?

You obviously don’t want an assisted living center who will neglect your loved one. That’s why you need to make sure there is a healthy staff-to-resident ratio for the best possible care.

Being short staffed and overworked can lead to dangerous situations for both residents and staff members.

Talk to your facility about what their policy is. Do they staff based on resident numbers or resident acuity?

You want to choose an assisted living facility that cares for the well-being of both their residents and their staff members.

Does Your Staff Have Experience with

(…Specific Issues)?

Care is not a one-size-fits-all type deal. Residents have different needs and conditions that require different levels of skill. And you’ll want to make sure there’s experience behind the kind of care your loved one needs.

When asking questions, make it personal! Talk about what your loved one needs now and what they’ll likely need in the future. Find out if the facility is well equipped to handle those changing needs.

You may find out your loved one needs more care than an assisted living center can give. And it’s best to find that out now rather than later.

What Are the Different Types of Rooms or Apartments?

We want our loved ones to be comfortable. That’s why, as part of the assisted living checklist, you need to ask about the living arrangements.

You’ll want to know if the rooms are private or shared. Will there be a kitchen in the unit or not? Is any furniture provided and what do you need to bring in?

And above all, get a tour of the facility in person. Bring your loved one along to get their opinion as well. Since they’re the one that may call it home, their preference matters.

How Much Does It Cost?

Talking money is uncomfortable. No one likes to put a price limit on care for your family. But when the budget is a concern, it’s a discussion that must take place.

Find out how much the monthly rate is for the senior assisted living center. What all does it include? Are there other services you can pay for later on if you don’t need them right now?

And make sure you’re comfortable with the billing arrangements. Knowing exactly what you’re paying for and how you need to pay it will relieve a lot of stress on everyone.

What Kind of Activities and Amenities Are There?

Keeping seniors active, healthy, and happy is an important part of an assisted living center. That includes having plenty of activities and amenities for your loved one to enjoy.

Do the seniors go on outings together? What kind of on-facility activities are usually planned?

But activities aren’t the only things to keep in mind. Amenities such as transportation services and mealtimes also play a key role.

Find out which meals they offer and if your loved one gets a choice of selections. Are the diets monitored by staff? And are the residents required to take meals in a dining hall or is an on-site cafe an option?

What Are the Healthcare Considerations?

A pretty facility with tons of amenities can be tempting, but that’s not all there is to it. Offering quality healthcare considerations is important to aging adults.

Does the facility have 24/7 nursing staff available? What about medication management help and rehab services? Is there a primary doctor on staff?

Having these services under one roof helps centralize healthcare for aging adults. And will ensure your loved one receives the quality of life they deserve.

What Happens If There’s an Emergency?

If something bad happens, we want to be sure our loved one is taken care of right away. That’s why it’s important to know what the facility’s policy is on emergencies.

How quickly does the staff respond to a problem? Is the family notified right away? Who decides on a course of action?

Having peace of mind knowing the right steps are in place if the worst should happen means everything. Make sure you feel comfortable with the policy and voice all your concerns.

What Happens When Your Loved One Needs More Care?

At some point, your loved one may need more care than what’s typically provided at an assisted living center. And if so, what happens then?

While it’s common for many assisted living homes to provided extended care, not all do. The last thing you want is to move your loved one into a facility only to have to move them again in the future.

Also ask if hospice care is an option, should there ever be a need for it. And make sure it’s a transition both you and your family feel comfortable with.

Check Your Assisted Living Checklist off with Confidence

We all want to make sure our loved ones are happy and healthy. And with this assisted living checklist, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge knowing you’ve found the perfect assisted living center for your family.

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