Promoting a Social Life for Seniors in Assisted Living Communities

//Promoting a Social Life for Seniors in Assisted Living Communities

Social living shouldn’t stop because your loved ones are moving to an assisted living home. In fact, social activities should increase! Studies show that people who live in a community together are happier and healthier. If you’re interested in reading about why we value a rich social life for seniors, this article is for you!

A Social Life for Seniors

From board games to bowling nights, there are tons of possible activities! The hardest part is planning and organizing such things, but we’ll take care of all that! You and your loved ones just have to relax, hang out, and be willing to enjoy the fun.

Daily Activities

One of the many benefits of an assisted living home is how busy the calendar can get.

While living on their own, your loved ones may find it difficult to plan, let alone attend public outings or activities. So, we’ve taken care of all the hassle stuff for them.

Here’s a quick list of some of the activities to look forward to:

  • Card Game Nights
  • Film Festivals
  • Book Clubs
  • Baking Events
  • Pet Therapy
  • Bingo Nights
  • Arts and Crafts Projects
  • And so much more!

In our assisted living home, we help cut out the planning hassle and even organize commuting needs. Our events help bring people together and create a friendly social atmosphere. We hope they’re a place where new friendships forged, laughs get shared, and activities are enjoyable even in old age.

We plan things for every day of the week, so there’s always something to look forward to. Your loved ones don’t have to attend these events, but the opportunity is always there for them to enjoy!

Making New Friends

Let’s face it, it can be weird making new friends in old age.

Your loved ones have gone through the friend-making process dozens of times by now, and this time may feel like the last. But those negative assumptions don’t have to be true.

Making friends in old age can be a blast. There’s tons of life, jokes, common knowledge, and shared experiences between everyone. Seeing that can be difficult though.

As a son or daughter or another family member, try to make it easy on your loved one. Encouraging them to talk to others or pointing out commonalities can be useful, but pressuring them to talk can cause them to shell up. Let them interact at their speed, with you as constant support.

Community Dining

Eating around the dinner table alone, night after night can get very lonely. But in an assisted living home, your loved ones never have to eat a meal alone.

People who dine together find more things to talk about and enjoy doing life together more than people who dine alone all the time. Dinning together creates opportunity and sharing a meal with someone is a way to connect and build relationships.

At Sandia View, your loved ones will be able to enjoy meals with hundreds of others. And all our meals get prepared by certified chefs.

No more worrying that your loved ones aren’t eating or aren’t eating healthy enough!

Group Exercising

It’s been a long-known fact that exercising alone is a lot harder than in a group.

A group motivates people. A group helps people stay on track. And it has mental health benefits on top of physical health benefits.

It’s also known that exercising in old age is extremely important. Any movement is good, but going to an actual exercise class is great.

We offer that at Sandia View. Not just a once a week exercise opportunity in a pool or on a bike, but group exercising experiences where your loved one will be able to enjoy community with others.

This can boost their physical and mental health. People are also more likely to go back to an exercising group than they are to continue a personal work out routine on their own.

The group acts as a web that’ll help keep your loved one motivated, inspired, and MOVING.

The Science of Laughter

The science on laughter has shown how valuable laughing can be.

And as funny as your loved one may be, laughing alone will only get them so far.

Living a community is the best way to experience laughter. It allows people to try out jokes, do funny things they wouldn’t think of otherwise, and enjoy the human experience to it’s fullest.

We think laughter is pretty valuable and hope your loved ones do too! At Sandia View, we’ll always try to encourage conversations that lead to joy and jokes. So when you see your loved one, we hope they’ll be smiling and cheerful rather than tired and upset to be in an assisted living home.

Stimulating The Mind

Conversation is a great way to keep one’s gears turning.

We don’t want your loved one to sit in front of the TV all afternoon, we’d rather have them talking and living with the community around them.

We create opportunities for conversation and personal growth in all our social activities. This helps your loved one experience the world in ways they haven’t before so that nothing feels bland or routine like.

We even try to organize events with outside parties to keep things fresh. Whether it’s a balloon act or a local college professor teaching a course on mathematics, we’ll try to always create engaging opportunities for your loved ones.

More on Assisted Living

We hope this read on why it’s important for seniors to have a social life has been inspiring. We really do value our community!

For more articles on what we do here at Sandia View, check out our blog page where we post stuff all the time. If you don’t see something there or are curious about arranging living accommodations for your loved one, feel free to reach out and contact us!

We’d love to hear from you and we can’t wait to make your loved one feel at home.