Evaluating Your Options: Is Assisted Living the Best Option for Seniors?

//Evaluating Your Options: Is Assisted Living the Best Option for Seniors?

Are you trying to decide whether to place your loved one in an assisted living facility?

If so, you aren’t alone!

Each year in the United States, thousands of families must make this difficult decision. In fact, there are more than 28,000 assisted living facilities housing more than one million people!

But assisted living isn’t the only option out there for you to choose from. You may also be considering whether to hire a live-in aid at your relative’s home to help out with activities of daily living.

Read on to learn about the benefits of assisted living and why it’s the best choice for your loved one!

Experienced and Credentialed Caregivers

The best assisted living has an experienced staff of credentialed caregivers and employees.

One of the advantages of assisted living is that your loved one will have access to registered nurses (RNs) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) around the clock.

CNAs work together with other staff members to ensure your relative is comfortable and looked after well during their stay.

If your loved one stays at their house instead of moving into an assisted living facility, RNs and CNAs aren’t on-site at all times. This can put your relative at risk of having a dangerous fall that isn’t discovered until many hours later.

But when a senior is in assisted living, they can receive regular help from these professionals.

24/7 Availability For Support

When deciding on whether to choose assisted living vs aging in place, it’s worth considering the level of support your loved one will receive.

In assisted living, you and your relative will have access to support. This is available to a resident 24 hours per day and 7 days each week.

This is a great benefit for you and your family, as it gives you the ability to stay in touch with your loved one from afar. It also allows you to speak to the health professionals working with your relative to receive updates on their status.

If you aren’t living close to your relative, communication is important for this stage of life. You need to have a regular communication channel between you, your relative, and the staff of the facility.

Provides a Family Setting

Sometimes when families are considering whether to bring their relative to assisted living, they ask: ‘Do seniors like assisted living?’

The best assisted living facilities provide a family setting that will help your relative adapt to living in a new and unfamiliar place. Yet, it’s still reasonable to expect that there will be an adjustment period for your relative as they adjust to the facility.

But how does an assisted living facility promote a family environment?

The family setting begins with the management of the assisted living facility. The leadership members at assisted living seek out employees that share a passion for caring for and helping seniors. Beyond hiring the best staff members, the facility will also look for residents that demonstrate they have a need and will fit in well at the facility.

These residents will bond with each other by spending time together. From eating meals and talking about current events, to participating in fun activities that stimulate their mind and reinforce good communication skills.

Comfortable Amenities

An assisted living must provide comfortable amenities and living accommodations for their residents.

Before you decide to move your relative to an assisted living facility, you can learn a lot about the facility by seeing the place in person. Pay particular attention to the rooms where your relative will be living.

But look beyond the room where your loved one will be sleeping at each night. Take a look at the dining room, activity area, and how the facility maintains the grounds.

You may also find it worthwhile to stop during your tour to speak to a resident about their experience at that assisted living facility.

Wide Range of Services

Assisted living facilities offer a wide range of services that far surpass standard at-home care.

If your relative is living at a home of their own, they have all the tasks and responsibilities that come with being a homeowner.

For example, if their air conditioner stops working, they must cover the cost. The same goes for maintaining the residence on their own. You may have chosen to hire assistance for things like yard work and tidying up the house, but those costs can add up fast.

Assisted living employees pamper your relative by giving services that allow them to stay happy and comfortable. The best facilities also offer daily housekeeping and laundry services.

Besides ensuring your loved one has access to a tidy room and clean clothes, this also means someone is with your relative throughout the day.

This helps to ensure that your relative does not go long periods of time without someone checking to make sure they are safe.

Continue Mental Stimulation

By joining an assisted living facility, your loved one will meet other people that are around their age. They will also learn from people who are going through some of the same things that they are.

This will help to prevent the isolation and mental decline that often occurs in people who are living on their own over an extended period of time.

The interactions that your relative has with other residents help to facilitate communication on a regular basis and day-to-day. If your relative was living at home to age in place, they might miss out on having the daily social interaction they need.

Wrapping Up: The Benefits of Assisted Living

The benefits of assisted living make it the number one choice for seniors throughout the country.

At Sandia View Assisted Living, we are a compassionate team of professionals that make your loved one’s needs our priority. We have a wide range of staff members, including RNs, CNAs, chaplains, and administration employees. We work together to provide a fun and caring environment for seniors based on their needs.

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you and your loved one today!